Pulmozyme Dosing & Administration

Pulmozyme is EMA-approved for once- or twice-daily dosing  

  • The recommended dose for most patients is 2.5 mg (corresponding to 2500 U) by inhalation once daily
  • However, some patients over 21 years of age may benefit from  2.5 mg twice-daily dosing to reduce exacerbation* risk

*Requiring parenteral antibiotics

  • In intermittent regimes, improvement in Pulmonary function can be lost on cessation of Pulmozyme therapy 
  • Patients should therefore be advised to take their medication every day without a break 


Your patients and/or their carers will likely have questions about how to administer Pulmozyme. Each Pulmozyme treatment, requires the following items:  

  • One ampoule of Pulmozyme
    • Pulmozyme is supplied in single-use ampoules. It should be stored under refrigeration and kept in the outer carton to protect from light
    • One jet nebulizer approved for use with Pulmozyme that can be connected to an air compressor OR nebulizer system*
    • Tubing and other components that come with the nebulizer


Remember to communicate these important instructions to patients/caregivers:

  • Do not dilute or mix Pulmozyme with other drugs in the nebulizer
    • Mixing of Pulmozyme with other drugs could lead to adverse structural and/or functional changes in Pulmozyme or the admixed compound
  • The manufacturers instructions on the use of and maintenance of the nebulizer and compressor should be followed

*A list of recommended nebuliser/compressor systems can be found in section 6.6 of the SmPC

1. Pulmozyme SmPC, Electronic Medicines Compendium, accessed 13/8/18